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Membership of the German Travel Retail Association offers many advantages. Members are part of a network of almost 30 members representing the interests of the German Duty Free and Travel Retail industry. The work of the association serves to exchange information on political and regulatory developments, to compare positions on these issues, and to represent interests vis-à-vis authorities, legislators and other associations.

The exchange with other companies involved in Travel Retail in Germany offers all members the opportunity to identify developments at an early stage, to share best practices in dealing with regulatory requirements and to develop common positions.

In addition, the flow of information between members and associations at all levels is one of the core tasks of DTRV. We therefore work closely with the European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) and are equally well networked with other national, regional and global associations.

Last but not least, the German Travel Retail Association represents the interests of its members in direct contact with the authorities and politicians. Restrictions on the freedom to travel or even on business operations in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, as well as the application of national labelling regulations in international travel are exemplary issues on which the industry urgently needs to make its strong collective voice heard.

The DTRV is open to all individuals, trading companies, legal entities or organisations involved in cross-border trade in travel or willing to promote the purpose of the association. The board and the CEO look forward to hearing from you.


Deutscher Travel Retail Verband e.V.
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